Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Indy East Motel License Renewal Denied

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson will announce today at a 10:00am press conferenceto in Irvington that the City of Indianapolis will not be renewing the license of the Indy East Motel located at 5855 East Washington Street.

The City’s action is a result of Council’s efforts late last year to request a hearing for the Indy East Motel licensing renewal. Council Board Member, Brian Mack made an excellent presentation to the license review board, presenting crime statistics, adjacent neighbor’s testimony, and the community’s concerns.

Few details are available at this time. Katie Lineweaver, the Warren Township Neighborhood Liaison, will be at the Council’s Tuesday, May 16th meeting to provide the community with an update and additional details.

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Flowers

Sorry we haven't posted, we will try to do better in May and start with a list of some of the issues we will see in the coming month. We will keep you posted as each item progresses.

  • The new owners of Irvington Plaza have begun work to clean up the plaza and we hope to begin discussions about its redevelopment.
  • Even though it is outside of Irvington, we should soon hear about plans for the redevelopment of Eastgate.
  • The developer of the Washington and Audubon property appears to be prepared to present revised designs. We anticipate getting our first look in May.
  • Work should begin soon on as many as two condo conversion projects bringing Irvington up to 40 new homeowners.
  • We should see at least one new business along East Washington Street.
  • Work will continue on the Irving Theater in anticipation of it's first event in June.
  • And work is continuing to finalize the Irvington Historic Preservation Plan.