Monday, May 19, 2008

May Irvington Council Meeting and Party

Join us for cake and refreshments on Tuesday evening as we celebrate 35 years of the Irvington Community Council.

Our agenda for the evening will include a short presentation from the Friends of Irving Circle about some planned beautification improvements to Irving Circle Park. Our Mayor's Neighborhood Liaison and IMPD officers will be on hand at the beginning of the meeting to provide updates and answer any questions you may have about crime issues or city services.

As always, the Council will offer time for any questions or concerns you may have about community issues and update everyone on several ongoing topics. Council committee reports will include a discussion of upcoming events and land use and zoning cases including requests by Midwest Scooter and the ZLB Plazma Center.

We hope to see you Tuesday night at 7:00pm in Fellowship Hall (basement level) of the Irvington Presbyterian Church, 55 South Johnson Avenue.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Indy East Motel - Meeting Tonight

Those attending the April meeting of the Irvington Community Council were told that the attorney for the Indy East Motel had made an offer to close the Indy East Motel in exchange for dropping the various legal actions against the motel. There are currently three (3) legal actions surrounding the closing of the Indy East. The terms of the offer proposed by the Indy East include listing the motel property for sale with a licensed real estate broker; closing the motel thirty (30) days after a sale or by the end of this year, which ever comes first; that the owner would not apply for a motel license in 2009 or any time thereafter; and that while the motel remains in operation they would provide uniformed security on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Late last week, the City made a counter offer. The Irvington Community Council has made arrangements for the lead attorney for the City, Mrs. Teri Kendrick, to come to Irvington and discuss the status of the three (3) legal cases and discuss the motel's offer. The discussion will begin at 7:00pm tonight in Room G1 of the Irvington Presbyterian Church, 55 South Johnson Avenue. All in Irvington are welcome and encouraged to attend and find out the latest on the Indy East Motel.