Friday, December 07, 2007

City's Request to Close the Indy East Motel

After several hearings and briefs from attorneys over the past several weeks, the hearing of the City’s request to close the Indy East Motel began this morning. The issue before Superior Court 12 Judge Michael Keele was the request for a preliminary injunction that would require the Indy East Motel to cease operation. To obtain an injunction, the Petitioner, in this case the City of Indianapolis, has the burden to proving each of four criteria. After nearly three hours of witnesses, motions, and verbal sparing, Judge Keele ruled that two of the four burdens had been met, but that he still had questions about the remaining two criteria. Judge Keele asked each attorney to submit a brief on those two issues by December 14th. He noted that he would rule on the issue soon after receiving the briefs. We’ll keep you posted.