Saturday, March 24, 2007

School Zone Signals

The Irvington Community Council has for years worked to bring better markings to the IPS 57 and Our Lady of Lourdes school zones along East Washington Street. Last year new fluorescent yellow school zone and crosswalk signs were installed at each end and throughout the school zones.

The Council has been participating for the past few months in meetings about the Super70 project. As part of the discussion of the Super70 impact on neighborhoods, we again made the request for better school zone markings. At the most recent meeting it was announced that the State has agreed to purchase about 10 signals similar to the one recently installed on East Michigan Street. These would have the radar that blinks a cars speed and unlike the ones on East Michigan Street these would be solar powered. The City is planning to make these temporary installations in eastside school zones during the Super70 project. It is assumed that after the Super70 project is complete the units will be given to the City and some of the temporary installations would be made permanent. It is also assumed the East Washington Street signals would be made permanent. We could get four signals, one at each end of the two school zones, but most likely will get two, one on the north side of East Washington Street near Layman and one on the south side near Butler. The City expects to take delivery in the next few weeks. We'll keep you posted or maybe we should say - hopefully soon you will see your speed posted.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Indy East Hearing - April 5th 9:00am

On Tuesday March 13th, attorneys for the Indy East Motel and the City of Indianapolis met with Judge Michael Keele for a pre-trial hearing regarding the license for the motel. Members of the community were not allowed in the pre-trial hearing, but Judge Keele was informed that the
Council was there to represent the Irvington community. The hearing will involve the discussion between the attorneys about two issues. The attorneys will discuss the rules under which a review of the decision of the City's License Review Board will proceed as well as reviewing that decision. The attorneys will also discuss the status of a restraining order or stay issued last May that keeps the City of Indianapolis from closing motel.

Judge Keele set the hearing for Thursday April 5th at9:00am in his court room located at 902 Virginia Avenue in Fountain Square. Irvington residents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Residents will not be asked to speak but will be acknowledge in the courtroom.