Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Indy East Motel Appeal Hearing in Irvington - Thursday, September 7th, 9:30am

The public hearing for the appeal of the license for the Indy East Motel is again scheduled to be heard in Irvington. The hearing will begin at 9:30am on Thursday, September 7th in the Fellowship Hall (basement level) of the Irvington Presbyterian Church, 55 South Johnson Avenue. The hearing is expected to last several hours, most likely past noon. You are welcome and encouraged to stop by anytime that morning, even for just a few minutes.

The hearing will consist of discussions between the members of the City's License Review Board, the City's attorneys, and the attorney representing the Indy East Motel. It is anticipated that the hearing will begin with several discussions and motions, maybe lasting for several hours, before the actual appeal will be discussed. It is also anticipated that during the discussion of the appeal, Irvington resident and business owners will be asked or allowed to offer comments.

We know with this being held during the workday that may make it difficult for some Irvington residents to attend. If you would like, you can post comments here that we will try to, if it is allowed, make part of the public testimony. We hope to see everyone September 7th.